SISLEYA l'Integral Anti-Age Mains de Sisley . Moisturizing and anti-aging cream for hand care. Luxury and technology combine to create this advanced hand care treatment. An excellent hand cream that hydrates, rejuvenates and totally beautifies the appearance of the hands. Its formula performs 4 different actions to address each and every one of the possible problems that the area may suffer: Softens the irregular texture of the skin and reduces the presence of wrinkles, thanks to a series of ingredients that act on cellular functions. Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, reinforcing the hydric layer of the dermis to create a denser appearance. Reduces the presence of blemishes and prevents their future appearance, revealing a uniform and luminous skin, thanks to the bleaching and antioxidant assets. Soothes all signs of dryness, leaving skin with a silky touch, free of tightness or roughness. In addition, its pleasant non-greasy texture has a quick absorption avoiding a sticky finish and leaving velvety and elastic skin immediately.
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75 ml
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Hand cream and treatments
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More than 50 years old
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