LE PHYTO-ROUGE by Sisley is a new lipstick concept that combines color, comfort and treatment, maintaining flawless makeup and well-groomed and hydrated skin. This range of lipsticks offers a wide variety of ultra pigmented shades that cover the lip with an intense and long-lasting veil of color, under a melting gel texture, bright and carrying an exceptional volume. In addition, not only do they dress our smile with a vibrant color, but also, and thanks to their exclusive essential oils, they exert a calming action on the lips, softening their texture, improving their elasticity and eliminating any type of tightness, thus favoring the adherence of the color pigments on the lips. This reinvention of the classic signature lipstick is presented with a bevelled mine, which guarantees an ultra precise and simple application and a container decorated with the most 'in' print of the moment, the 'animal print' . A touch of exclusivity and elegance to achieve a perfect makeup under a satin and bright finish.
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