LA RELIGIEUSE , a pure, contrasted and mystical perfume from the Collection Noire by Serge Lutens . Pure, virginal and absolute, La religieuse like snow shows itself: intact. So white and perfect that sometimes it is born from our duality, the irresistible temptation to revile it. Mystical and deeply human! Deliver us from Good! As white as snow is the jasmine flower. My religion is black , Serge Lutens A range of perfumes created by Serge Lutens, in his image and likeness! Minimalist, with clean lines and without concessions, each one of its bottles traces an absolutist sketch, reflects the demand and character of its creator. A statement of sobriety that enhances the richness and sumptuousness of the essence, with aromas and colors as varied and nuanced as the precious stones and rarities of our personality.
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Eau de Parfum
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Eau de Parfum
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