TRUSSARDI MAN REINVENTEDRIFLESSO by Trussardi is a men's "Eau de Toilette" belonging to the Woody Aromatic family. Inspired by the firm's CEO, Tomaso Trussardi, this perfume leaves behind the classicism that characterizes the brand and takes an unexpected twist marked by rebellion, courage and modernity.This fragrance, launched in 2018 by the perfumer Veronique Nyberg, has been created to win everyone's attention, an amber elixir with great character and an enveloping personality, which with just a drop is charms to become a completely addictive potion.With this new addition to the collection of high perfumery, Trussardi addresses a man with leadership power, elegant as well as casual, convincing and magnetic, a man sure of himself, of his abilities and whose only limit is the pinnacle of success.ITS STELE... Honoring the native products of the beautiful Italy, this fragrance is composed of very Mediterranean ingredients, among which are a citrus set consisting of pink grapefruit, bergamot and apple, and Italian leather, which gives an artisan touch traditional and extremely virile.SUMMERS IN MILAN. Chosen to be the setting of this perfume. More specifically the 'Lake Cuomo', a place loved by Trussardi, where nature, air and water invite us to enter a state of relaxation and absolute well-being.SECRET AGENTS OF ESQUIRE. There has been so much secrecy around the presentation of this fragrance, which, to bring more mystery, has been guarded by true Secret Agents of Esquire.
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100 ml
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Eau de Toilette
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